Motorcross evening

Wednesday twilight is FUN QUICK FIRE RACE NIGHT !  Great friendly racing for Guys and Girls, Young or Old! If your looking for a Twilight event the whole family can get out and watch/Join in then this has to be one of the best Tauranga family attractions I have been to that runs when the weather permits!  Maddix Park 10/10!!

2014 Sunshine Capital Showdown

Here’s some photo’s from the 4th October round that was held at Matata.  If you would like a photo give us a yell.

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Tauranga Waterfront Festival – Downtown Tauranga

21st September and a bit of a rainy day in the normally sunny Bay of Plenty….

Hit ‘n’ Sunk, Alley Cat

Taupo Winter Classic 6th & 7th September

Fur seals on Moturiki Island, known as “Leisure Island”

Kekeno (New Zealand fur seal) are the most common seals in New Zealand waters. They are very good swimmers and weaned pups will turn up almost anywhere around New Zealand.

The Journey

Somewhere between New Plymouth and Hawera there is a little stretch of track.

Old Diesel pump

diesel pump

The Dark side of the moon

Gate Pa